FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ROCKFORD, IL. Oct. 13, 2015 - DPF cleaning services are now available in the Rockford region. Meiborg Brothers Inc. a freight shipping and management company is pleased to announce that they will now provide diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning services at their Rockford location. The Company is located at 3814 11th St - Rockford, IL 61109 and provides this cleaning service for semi-trucks during normal business hours.

“As a dedicated freight shipping and management company we manage a large fleet of semi-trucks. We have the onsite technicians, tools, and equipment necessary to provide semi-truck repairs and this includes diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning,” commented Zach Meiborg, the Company's Business Development Manager.

The purpose of a DPF filter is to remove particles from the emissions of the vehicle and reduce the amount of soot produced, ultimately reducing the level of toxic emissions released into the environment. The more the vehicle is used, the more the filter will require cleaning.

DPF filter cleaning is crucial for heavy duty engines and can greatly improve the efficiency of the engine. This process removes unburned lube oil that has accumulated in the DPF. Benefits of this process include reducing unscheduled downtime, identifying weaknesses in the filter and increasing the service life of the engine.

The DPF cleaning service Meiborg provides includes utilizing filter testing equipment, a pneumatic air cleaner and a cleaning oven. Meiborg guarantees a 48 hour turn around and a thorough inspection with before and after weights. According to Zach, “Demand for these services is on the rise and our DPF cleaning process is very affordable and convenient.” The cost is $250.00 for pneumatic air cleaning and $300.00 for a 12 hour bake and pneumatic cleaning.

Since 1981, Meiborg Brothers Inc. has been at the forefront of providing high quality trucking freight and management services. This now includes onsite and offsite repair services for semi-trucks. The Rockford based location has several truck bays and a staff of dedicated technicians with years of experience in semi-truck engine and mechanical repair. For more information please contact their team of professionals at 815.398.1111.


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